Matches That Time Forgot #43

Madusa made waves when she unceremoniously dumped the WWF Women's Championship into a trashcan on Nitro. Excluding that ill-mannered gesture, what do you remember from her WCW run? My guess? Next to nothing. You didn't miss much, but in her defense, neither Bitchoff nor Vince knew what to do with female athletes until Sunny (and yeah, Sable) narcotized the industry with dissolute sex appeal. Still, it's easier to reminisce about Madusa's time spent as Alundra Blayze. The WWF had a bite-sized roster compared to Ted Turner's hefty inventory of all-stars. Plus, Vince squeezed her into an actual feud.

"Alundra" wrestled joshi legend Bull Nakano on several occasions throughout 1994 and 1995. When the wiry blonde jumped ship to WCW, Bitchoff figured it would be a gainful idea to take advantage of the chemistry she had developed with Nakano. Credit Eric for paying attention. Tragically, their series of matches would be blighted by clumsy booking. Case in point, today's match that time forgot, a bizarre bout with convoluted stipulations. We're outdoors. It's a theme PPV. The event is called Hog Wild (later renamed Road Wild), and it's the first of four annual advents held at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. The commentators neglect to mention that the winner will be allowed to deface the loser's motorcycle with a sledgehammer.

Okay. I get that Madusa is a motorist in real life (she competes on the monster truck circuit), but was there a reason for this stipulation? Nakano doesn't seem to give a fuck about her own bike. Instead, Sonny Onoo revs it up and freaks out when Madusa begins to dismantle it. The match itself is strong, if not gauche. These chicks could outwork 95% of the Divas/Knockouts currently bumbling around on live television. Oh, Layla...you're hotter than a solar flare in a mini-skirt, but you wouldn't be able to distinguish between a German suplex and a German Shepherd.

Madusa vs Bull Nakano-Bike Match by TSteck160

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