Dead Links #4

Here's another site for all you tapeheads out there. VHS Wasteland doesn't focus on any particular genre. It's a blog-style archive of bitchin' VHS cover scans that underscore artwork of a bygone era. In the 80's (and half of the 90's), box covers served as billboards for the movies housed within. Studios relied on eye-catching imagery to sell their videocassettes. Back in the day, if you were perusing a rental joint, you were more likely to pick up a flick that grabbed you with prismatic streaks of color and a bold, mannered title. VHS Wasteland is devoted to these tawdry cases. I check it every day, for it's a great way to discover obscure schlock that palpitated under the radar.

You'll notice that VHS Wasteland is a byproduct of a website called Serial Killer Calendar. It has something to do with...serial killers. Honestly, I haven't delved deeply into SKC, but hey, if you're a true crime buff, think of it as a bonus Dead Link. Yay for you!

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