All Hallow's Eve, the first line of feminine hygiene products for witches!

A random house I found on Google.

Ah, I can practically smell it. Halloween is imminent! Every year, I try to do something epic to celebrate my favorite holiday, but this time around, I'm considering a low-key approach. I might just stay in. Well, that's my plan as of today. There is a good chance that I'll wind up throwing a party or helping out at a local haunted house. Truth be told, I haven't decided. I haven't decided what to do with this website either. Should I attempt to curate a theme week/month or would that compromise the randomness of Random Reviews Incorporated?

That is the question, dear readers. I want your opinion. Drop me an e-mail. Tweet me. Post in the official Facebook fan club. All of the pertinent links are on the right-hand side of every page. You can find them; don't be lazy.

"One day, the world will realize that every month should be October." - Dom Coccaro

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