Matches That Time Forgot #45

For this match that time forgot, we travel all the way back to 2010.  Believe it or not, the landscape of the WWE was markedly different.  The Undertaker was feuding with his bald, maskless half-brother (again), the brand split was still in effect and the tag team division was dwindling with the disequilibrium of a doddering duckbill damselfly with dick cancer.  At present, tag teams are a work in progress, but give credit where it's due.  We're in the midst of an honest-to-goodness tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders for Team Hell No's straps (I was sad to see that Well Dunn didn't even advance to the first round).

This bout involves a pair of pairs who weren't allowed to get a running start before being disbanded.  The Dudebusters debuted on ECW and proceeded to loiter on Smackdown for...a year maybe?  If that?  Caylen Croft and the barely-employed-in-2012 Trent Baretta were endowed with a failsafe gimmick; they liked video games!  The Gatecrashers were only known as The Gatecrashers for a couple of weeks.  Originally ushered in by Vickie Guerrero, Vance Archer and barely-employed-in-2012 (I'm noticing a theme) Curt Hawkins quickly became a "this guy and that guy" tag team.  They were supposed to be heels, but they were about as over as the breakout superstars of NXT Season 4.

Now, this match took place in August.  Caylen Croft and Vance Archer were future endeavored in November.  But God bless 'em, they try!  This is a simmering contest with plenty of back and forth action.  The finish is sweet, as Trent executes a nasty rope-assisted DDT for the clean win.  Alas, the crowd doesn't give a furtive, facinorous frick-a-fuck.  I can understand why these teams weren't pushed straight away, but I can't understand why they weren't given a fair shot.  Hey, remember when Superstars was a TV show?

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