So I'm on a Godzilla kick. Technically, I've been on a Godzilla kick for 27 years (well, 28 as of tomorrow).  I can't explain it.  I've just been in a Godzilla mood lately.  I watched Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II this morning.  I've been guilty of deriding the Heisei series, but the more I watch these flicks, the more I appreciate them.  This entry, in particular, impressed the dry roasted pistachios out of me.  The first battle between Big G and Rodan?  Holy fuckles, it's badass.  The shot composition, the art direction, the battle itself...at one point, Godzilla simply strangles Rodan with his bare goddamn hands!

I did some reading up on The Godzilla Power (half) Hour, the 70's cartoon that was co-produced by Toho and Hanna-Barbera.  Yeah, I need to watch it.  A handful of episodes stomped their way onto DVD, though it would be nice to see an official box set.  Oh, I also discovered that a Toho/Hammer co-production about The Loch Ness Monster very nearly happened.  The funding fell through and the project was abandoned.  UGH.

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