Matches That Time Forgot #44

This match is so epic, I'm going to have to actively try to keep myself from typing "OMFG" over and over again.  Are you ready for this?  We have Big Josh (a pre-Doink Matt Borne) and El Gigante versus Black Blood (Billy Jack Haynes bedecked in executioner threads) and One Man Gang.  I swear I'm not being sarcastic when I say that this is a great match.  I love the way they tease a stentorian collision between Gang and Gigante.  Gang, in particular, is fucking brilliant.  He acts like a legit loon poised to rape the entire audience.  And then eat them.

I'm a Borne mark, so of course, I dug the lumberjack gimmick, as senseless as it was.  The same can be said for Jorge Gonzalez.  He is reasonably healthy here, and he is downright frightening.  He actually whips out a suplex at one point.  A suplex!  Yeah, he does seem a bit lost towards the finish, but I still commend his performance.  Imagine if he was this agile during his WWF run as Giant Gonzalez.  A man can dream...

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