Dead Links #6

It feels weird to admit this, but I've recently slogged my way into a deleterious trap...Facebook games!  SongPop was my gateway drug.  From there, I experimented with Family Feud and Words With Friends.  I told myself that I could control this newfound addiction.  Well, I was in denial.  These habitual, unmitigated urges only intensified when I discovered Backyard Monsters.  Do I really need to explain why I was drawn to this portentous time-waster?  Hello!  Monsters!!!!!

Originally, I was going to use this column to share goofy games that I find online.  What can I say?  I get bored easily, and I need preoccupying distractions like Backyard Monsters to achieve optimal procrastination.  Without going into labyrinthine details, BM (eh, they should change the name) lets you build a base and a monster army to attack other bases.  You have to pool resources to construct pebble shiners, goo factories, sniper towers, hatcheries, monster lockers, storage silos and a litany of similar buildings.  If it sounds tragically geeky, that's because it's tragically geeky.  But it's also fun!

PS-My favorite monster is Eye-ra, a cyclops blob.  C'mon, that's rad!

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