A small fraction of my room...

Indulge me.  I've been playing with my new digital camera, and I took a few photos of my posters (I don't have any wall space left).  Other photos were attempted, but they came out too blurry.  Eventually, I would like to have photographic evidence of my various collections.  This may take awhile, considering that my relationship with technology is rocky at best.  Bear in mind, I have to depend on someone else to take the pictures.  My mother doesn't own a computer, and my father can barely handle Facebook.  So yeah.

Anyway, here is this.  Isn't it beautiful?

And then we have a double whammy of badassitude.

And finally...Road Warrior Animal, Suicide (lay off, it was a cool gimmick), The Uso's, The Ultimate (motherfucking) Warrior and "Macho Man" Randy Savage present the Italian one-sheet for Creepshow.

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  1. Yeah, Return of the Living Dead 3! Recently reviewed it and loved the hell out of it, it's so underrated!