The Random Reviews Hallowgiving Giveaway

For weeks, I've been stewing, simmering and sweating over a potential Halloween-themed contest.  I couldn't decide what to give away, but I can't afford to prorogue this thing any longer.  Seeing as how it will bleed into November, I'm calling it The Random Reviews Hallowgiving Giveaway.  The prize?  Well, it's half-sweet and half-mysterious.  "Whatever do you mean, Dom???"  A part of the gift package will be a surprise.  I'm tossing in two random (key word) VHS tapes and three random DVD's.  The sweet part is much less mysterious.  I'm giving away a pair of Frankenberry Fruit Roll-Ups plus a bonus Boo Berry Fruit Roll-Up.  HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS!

To enter, simply join the RR Inc. Fan Club...it's too easy!  The winner will be selected at random (key word sighting) in precisely two weeks.  You've got until the 9th of November.  U.S. residents only, please.

Spread the word!

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