Matches That Time Forgot #46

Time forgot this match as soon as the pinfall was counted.  We're knee-deep in "random midcard" territory, as Gangrel squares off against The Blue Meanie (circa '99).  I've talked about Gangrel before.  I still consider him to be an underrated worker, and I'm surprised that his name isn't dropped more often.  Obviously, no braggadocio is going to exultantly hotdog about spotting the guy in public ("So I brushed sleeves with GANGREL the other day.").  I just don't understand why he isn't mentioned in casual wrestling conversations.  Fuck, maybe he is...I'm going to pretend that the bulk of this paragraph doesn't exist.  Um, The Blue Meanie!

This match occurred after Bluedust and The J.O.B. Squad.  We are way past any "success" he had in ECW.  His tiff with JBL is six years into the future, as is his conditional contract with Vince (it's a widely held belief that he was only hired by WWE in the mid-00's to stymie threats of legal action...jump to Wikipedia).  Basically, this is The Blue Meanie at his most irrelevant.  That's saying something, folks.  It's not that I dislike him per se, but how many quality Blue Meanie matches have you seen?  That don't involve The Mexicools?  I'll concede that I smirked whenever he would call Goldust Mommy.  Because I'm an idiot.

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