Dead Links #7

Charles Band really, really wants people to visit Full Moon's official website.  He is always running sales, adding new items to the store and uploading a trailer for whichever pointless sequel he happens to be peddling at the time.  I'm man enough to admit that I bookmarked the online command post (or nerve center, if you prefer) of his madness.  There is something about Full Moon.  I can't place it, but I find myself going back to those flicks time and time again.  Without reservation, I can promise that I'll be covering a few of them as we forge through a most hyperborean winter.

Band is smart.  He knew that he would need more than just a scopious back catalog of b-movies to solicit repeat visitors to his digital base of operations, so he asked horror savant Stuart Gordon to contribute a column.  Dubbed the Lab Report, this monthly (close to bi-weekly) feature relays spellbinding anecdotes involving all of the stuff on Gordon's resume.  It's fucking great.  The dude knows how to tell a story, and obviously, the content is exceedingly interesting to genre nerds.  On-set pranks, oblique factoids, memorable encounters (I loved reading about his dinner with Roald Dahl), even journalism (check out his tactful, reasoned review of Prometheus)...I could devour a Bible-sized tome of these deliberations.

Hmm, perhaps I should implore a celebrity to write a column for Random Reviews.  Yes!  I can see it now - Clint Howard: Resident Mexican Food/Dwarf Tossing Correspondent.

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