Blood Capsule #22


You never know what you're going to get with obscure horror films from the 80's, which is why I can't stop watching them.  The bad apples don't discombobulate me.  I'm only miffed by the lukewarm cheese wheels that could have been infallible displays of bunkum.  Most critics will tell you that mediocre movies are the hardest ones to review.  I tend to agree.  It's fucking frustrating.  At times, The Oracle reaches the membrane-melting lunacy of Spookies, but funhouse flummery is kept at bay. Pellets of monster grue and outlandish special effects are few and far between.  In director Roberta Findlay's defense, these scenes are deliriously entertaining, especially when taken out of context.

Want proof?  Click HERE.  Some altruistic soul avulsed six minutes of The Oracle worth watching and uploaded them to YouTube.  I wish I had found that clip before adding this flick to my video library.  Oh, it's about a ghost who terrorizes a twentysomething girl through a planchette (their word, not mine).  For the record, a planchette is a Ouija-esque stone tablet that transmits messages from beyond the grave under supposed spiritual coercion.  Eh, just stick with WitchboardThe Oracle does have redeeming values, but the characters grated my nerves.  Caroline Capers Powers has the single most annoying scream I have ever encountered.

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