Getting there...

Dom Coccaro, purveyor of pussy-smashing (seen here conquering the world).

It's been awhile, hasn't it?  I said I was going to move into a new apartment, and I did.  We're pretty much settled in.  The only thing keeping Random Reviews from picking up where it left off is...a little hard to explain.  For reasons unknown to man, we can't seem to hook up my Blu-ray player (as well as my VCR) to my television in the correct way.  Bear in mind, I'm relying on people who can barely operate a remote control without availing themselves of a sun dial or colloguing with a necromancer.  We'll see what happens over the weekend, but for the time being, I'm forty-seven kinds of fucked.

Secondly, I'm dealing with a typical bout of depression.  My brain is plotting against me, and I'm finding it difficult to be productive.  Still, I do expect to relaunch this site sooner than later.  When it happens, everyone will know.

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