Matches That Time Forgot #54

Yep, I'm back!  This should prove to be a voltaic summer here at Random Reviews Incorporated.  What better way to inaugurate the festivities than with a nebbish, uneventful match that time forgot?  I liken it to starting a set of braggadocios "cock rock" anthems with a power ballad.  Bear with me, dearhearts.  It's not easy to bootlick a fidgety web surfer (heh, no one says that anymore) into reading a column about The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers.  Even die-hard wrestling nerds don't have much of an opinion about this particular tag team.  Most smarks seem to agree that they were one of the more consistent tandems during the tag team boom of the late 80's.

Jacques and Raymond made their bread and butter, nominal though it was, as heels.  But did you know that they were nondescript babyfaces for almost two years before incommoding The Killer Bees and hiring "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart as their manager?  They struggled to get over as good guys, hence the eventual turn.  However, they were successful enough to earn a shot at the tag titles in 1987.  In fact, they won the titles at a house show, but the referee's decision was reversed and the record books don't acknowledge the victory.  This...is not that match.  This...is not an outstanding match.  I...am second-guessing key choices in my life.

If I'm being honest, I prefer The Quebecers.  I don't need to enucleate the primal badassery of The Hart Foundation.  Bret is the excellence of execution, and Jim is a barking goon.  It works.  On a sidenote, this bout features the worst commentary I've ever heard.  Who in the teal fuck is Mike McGuirk?  Fuck that motherfucker.  ADDENDUM: Apparently, Mike was the glittery vest announcer bitch.  My brain is backwards now.

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