Neglected Columns

Maybe you folks don't notice it, but I've neglected certain columns as of late (namely Dead Links and Panels From Beyond the Grave).  I simply haven't read many comics since the hiatus.  That will change soon.  There is one comic, in particular, that I've been saving for a special occasion.  I can't wait to crack it open.  The Dead Links section is a different pickle altogether.  This is where I turn to you, dear reader.  Do you know of any cool, geeky websites that deserve more attention?  Hell, I'll even plug your website.  Drop me a line at the e-mail address in the upper right-hand corner.

I'm not sure what the weekend will bring, but you know that I'll post something.  That's my precept, my rallying cry.  "Random Reviews Incorporated...it's not that great, but it exists."'

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