The Double Turn

Like most wrestling fans, I was reminded of Bret Hart and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's submission match at Wrestlemania 13 when Alberto Del Rio viciously attacked a concussed Dolph Ziggler last night at Payback.  Will this double turn propel Ziggy the way that Austin was propelled in 1997?  No.  It will not.  For that to happen, he would have to be over in more than three cities.  Del Rio is also struggling to connect with fans.  In fact, he's almost "under."  No one gives a fuck about him, and I'd be surprised if he was still on WWE's roster by this time next year.  A harsh prediction?  Maybe.  Look, he's undeniably talented in the ring, but he doesn't have intangible oomph.

Ziggler still has potential, but if he's going to be the next breakout star, he needs to hit the ground running.  Tonight.  His on-screen girlfriend was finally given a chance to showcase her wrestling skills against Kaitlyn.  From the second she debuted on NXT, I knew that A.J. would go far.  As far as Kaitlyn is concerned, the jury is still hemming and hawing.  But it's a hung jury!  GET IT?  The Shield is starting to lose steam, so something major needs to happen there.  I could see adding another member, preferably developmental hopeful Paige.  A feud between her and A.J. is bound to happen sooner or later.

Can we kill Ryback now?  It's not his fault he tanked, but enough is enough.  The time has come to take Daniel Bryan to the next level.  I know it, you know it, everyone knows it...don't they?

PS-Watch for The Uso's to be put on the fast track.  Let's do this, Jean-Paul!


  1. I never did fully buy Del Rio's face turn, I always felt he was trying way to hard in the role not to mention that the turn felt way to rushed which I think is the biggest reason his presence at the moment is kind of "eh whatever".

    Despite how meaningless that butterfly belt has become (did it ever have meaning? what happened to the old Women's belt?) its awesome that AJ finally has some gold. Now lets hope she doesn't get demoted to 2 minute matches that end in roll up's and unfunny backstage segments which seems par for the course when it comes to the women’s division. As far as Kaitlyn goes, hey, at least she can throw down in the ring.

    When it comes to Ryback I think he's an ok heel. They were smart to turn him when they did, it was only a matter of time before the boo's from the crowd became louder so his turn made sense.

    I'm totally down for a Mark Henry/Cena feud. That segment was great last night.

  2. Yeah, Henry is badass. That's what he do!