Matt Osbourne R.I.P.

I just learned of the passing of Matt Osbourne, a favorite wrestler of mine.  He was best known for playing the heel version of Doink the Clown.  I'm using a Big Josh picture because...er, no one else will.  Osbourne was given the bush-league lumberjack gimmick in WCW shortly before heading off to Connecticut.  His brilliant run as an unhinged clown tends to overshadow the fact that he was a fantastic worker for over a decade preceding his greasepaint years.  I don't resent Doink, though.  Far fucking from it.  Randy Savage once referred to him as "the most evil clown that ever lived."  I ask you, how could I deplore such a character?  It's a damn shame that Osbourne's substance abuse attenuated his WWF tenure.

Once Doink turned face in late 1993, less magnetic men donned his garish ring attire.  They weren't necessarily bad, but the gimmick became homogenized.  Luckily, we got several memorable matches out of Osbourne in the brief time that he was employed by Vince McMahon.  His series against Mr. Perfect during King of the Ring qualifying was flippin' awesome.  I also recommend taking a gander at his 2-out-of-3-falls bout versus Marty Jannetty.  FACTOID: Matt grappled with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at the first Wrestlemania.  Maybe you already knew that.  Whatever.

56 is too young.  Rest in peace, brother.

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