U! Sooooooo!

I told you (u)so!  Tonight on Raw, The Uso's won a triple-threat tag team match to become the number one contenders for the Spartan straps!  I've been a fan of Rikishi's pups since they debuted with Tamina Snuka by their side.  This push is long overdue, and yet, it's not ideal.  I don't mean to gripe, believe me; it's just that they have been tossed into a title match with no storyline.  Apart from a string of low-key victories, they haven't generated any momentum before holding fast to this opportunity.  I hope this feud becomes personal.  Get Rikishi involved.  Have The Shield beat him down and let his boys make the save.  It's too soon for them to win gold, but this could propel WWE's second finest team into the limelight.

I tip my five-gallon stove pipe to Triple H for revivifying real tag team action.  And don't forget...The Wyatt Family is rubbernecking around the corner.

Video tomorrow.  Movie review on Wednesday.  Incidentally, what the fuck is happening to fast food in this country?  Look at this heresy, this godless imprecation.  Dave Thomas would be ashamed.  A pretzel bacon cheeseburger?  What gives, America???

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