Album Cover of the Whatever

A friend tipped me off onto Warlord, a traditional heavy metal band from a country called America.  They didn't release much in the way of long players, but they did kick ass in the early-to-mid 80's.  Thy Kingdom Come wasn't a studio album per se; it was a compilation. Obviously, I chose it for its sweet cover art.  There is a kingdom in the cosmos...and some rocks out front...covered in slime...hey, when it comes to metal album covers from the 80's, you don't ask questions!

I hope to get more writing done soon.  As of right row, my bathroom is being gutted/refucked and we are having a new air conditioner installed (that means we have no A/C for a few days), so I haven't been able to concentrate on anything.  I've been hearing a lot of drilling and a lot of banging.  Unfortunately, my head is aching and my dick is dry.  Later, nerds!

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