Geek Out #125

I watched an episode of this year's Ultraman Orb (this episode, as a matter of fact) the other day.  You should check it out, babe.  It's fun.  It's Ultraman!  Ultraman shows are always fun, and they are a clandestine wellspring of kaiju critters.  Remember, fellow kaiju creamers - we aren't limited to Godzilla's armory of opponents or Gamera's wacko foes.  Or Yog.  Or Gappa.  No, each episode of Ultraman over the decades has featured a different monster.  Isn't that fucking great???

PS ~ Directly after viewing Ultraman Orb, I took a gander at 1936's Things to Come, a grim H.G. Wells adaptation.  It was intriguing, but I mainly reference it to brag about my versatility as a genre film buff.  I'm incredibly humble when it comes to my blowhard habits.

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