Matches That Time Forgot #5

I know that I've already posted a WWF match from 1996, but dammit, this one is too random for words. I couldn't pass it up. Here we have a match from Superstars pitting The Goon against The Stalker. These were the two worst gimmicks of 1996. The Goon was supposed to be a hockey player. Apparently, he was too "violent" for the NHL, so a career in wrestling was his only other option. Really, Vince?

The Stalker was just Barry Windham in camouflage pants (with matching make-up to boot). They referred to him as Barry Windham during his matches, so what was the point of the hunting gimmick? Towards the end of the year, they dropped the make-up, but it was no use. Windham later resurfaced as Justin Bradshaw's tag team partner in The New Blackjacks. They could have had a decent run, but they were broken up by squirrellly, asinine booking (Windham turned heel for no reason whatsoever).

The match itself is basic and forgettable. It's only worth posting for two reasons 1) It's The Goon and The Stalker. 2) Goldust on commentary! He is in full-blown "homoerotic headcase" mode, and he is fucking hilarious. Enjoy.

PS-A superplex as a finisher? Egads.

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