Parts Unknown #64: Smackdown

I hate to say it, but I've been getting bored with Smackdown as of late. It seems like we've been seeing the same matches week in and week out. While last night's episode wasn't groundbreaking, I'm thrilled to report that it entertained my Iron Maiden boxers off.


~ I'm going to have to disrupt the chronological order of this column. The first "pro" is an important one. Why? Because The Uso's have arrived! I love their new entrance. It won't be long before they start receiving the loudest pops on the card. They are a true tag team, so it's heartening to know that they are finally on Vince's priority list, even if it's somewhere near the bottom. I see gold in their future.

~ The Sin Cara/Ted DiBiase match. I didn't notice any major botches. The finish was weak (dude, go back to the flippy move), but everything before it was stupendous.

~ Daniel Bryan's promo. His detractors bash his mic work, but in my opinion, he proved that he can talk. It's not his fault that the writing isn't always up to par. Of course, his match against Cody Rhodes was a smooth, highly competitive contest. The IC strap. Give it to him.

~ I dug The Big Show's hushed interview. He doesn't need to go over the top.

~ Mark Henry's winning streak continues. I can't believe that they let him pin Randy Orton.

~ Ezekiel Jackson's Intercontinental Championship defense. I'm assuming that Wade Barrett will be promoted to the main event. If so, that's cool, but they need to tweak his character. He is not as over as he could be. Still, this was a decent match.

~ Jinder Mahal's impatience. I can totally see him and Khali feuding with The Uso's. Eastern winds are blowing!

~ Naysayers be damned; Kane can still go. As a matter of fact, his match with Christian was better than any of his recent matches with Edge.


~ The lack of star power on Smackdown is more evident than ever. I'm tired of Christian begging for "one more chance." Give someone else a title opportunity. Y'know, it wouldn't surprise me if Captain Charisma won at Money in the Bank, only to lose the belt a few minutes later to a redhead carrying a briefcase. Speaking of which...

~ No Sheamus? Boo. Hiss.

~ The person responsible for these Johnny Curtis segments should be fired. And brutally raped.

Coccaro out.

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