Matches That Time Forgot #7

A few weeks ago, TNA released the man that they should have pushed to the moon. I'm referring to Jay Lethal. He has every tool he needs to succeed in the wrestling industry, but aside from a dash of false starts, TNA officials had no clue how to utilize him properly. Jay is currently with ROH. I can take comfort in knowing that he is employed by a company who understands what he can bring to the table.

In this match that time forgot, Jay works his Black Machismo gimmick against Cute Kip (a.k.a. Billy Gunn). This was just a short webmatch, but both guys have fun with it. Kip is led to the ring by Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Their entrance may be mesmerizing, but all I can do is shrug my shoulders whenever I see their names mentioned. Velvet would be a nobody without her curves. Angelina is a solid wrestler, but her character has been depredated thanks to clumsy writing. What is she now, a zombie?

Moral of the story...Jay Lethal rocks!


  1. Isn't TNA using a 4 sided ring now? It's been ages since I watched their stuff but I remember hearing or seeing that somewhere.

  2. Yes, although they are bringing back the 6-sided ring for the Destination X PPV. I think it's a "one night only" deal.