Parts Unknown #59: Smackdown

It looks like my technical issues have been ironed out. So I can't worm my way out of reviewing what was a bizarre, spotty Smackdown. Damn.


~ I like it when WWE starts one of their shows with a match. Here, we see Mark Henry attempting to work with Christian. I'll cut him some slack, but this match could have been better. After the draft, most of the sound wrestlers were dispatched to Raw, which means that my favorite television program now has a cast that includes Henry, The Great Khali, Alicia Fox, the evergreen Ezekiel Jackson and Sin Cara (yeah, he's cool, but he's a walking - or flying, rather - installment of Botchamania). By the way, the fact that I'm complaining this much in the "pros" section should clue you in on the rest of this column.

~ Jinder Mahal's in-ring debut. I'm not crazy about his attire, but he performed reasonably well. And hey, Yoshi Tatsu was allowed to come out and play.

~ The Daniel Bryan/Ted DiBiase match. Just give The American Dragon the Intercontinental Championship already. He is your workhorse, and he could restore honor to a fallen title.

~ Tamina's Samoan drop.

~ The main event. Christian's heel turn may have come too late, but it's their only option.


~ Why do they keep pairing A.J. up with Kaitlyn? Give her a singles push. She has what it takes to go the distance (watch a few of her FCW matches). Unless Kaitlyn becomes a valet, she needs to be fired immediately.

~ IC Title matches used to be...good. What happened? A 5-minute throwaway bout between Big Zeke and Wade Barrett that ends in a countout? Are you fucking kidding me?

~ Johnny Curtis. The milk promo. Explain.

I'm worried about the blue brand. I'll try to remain optimistic, but so far, the post-draft landscape has been discouraging.

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