Blood Capsule #51


I have a volatile relationship with Big G's Heisei era.  For years, I maintained that its most unbendingly heinous offense was Godzilla 1985.  But now?  I'm not so sure.  It's true; I'm just seeing SpaceGodzilla for the first time.  I'm not proud.  I am, however, beholden to the fact that I was able to parry and bridle this flick until 2015.  It's certainly not Godzilla's fault.  He holds up his end of the ophidian (???) bargain.  I blame humans.  Stupid fucking humans with their stupid, kaiju-sized plot holes.  I can put up with a bundle of bullshit, especially as it relates to "giant monster" movies, but SpaceGodzilla's script is blockheaded.  It was held back in the second grade.

And that's a breach of integrity because Space-G is a fantastic villain.  He's evil as piss, and he gives Gojira a protracted, vehement fight.  Granted, the creature battles are mere laser exchanges (which is a bone I recurrently pick with the Heisei era), but the climax is meteoric.  Other footnotes...Little Godzilla is cuter than your baby, telepathy is disadvantageous, Mogera is shit (if you've seen the film, you understand) and Yuki is the worst "hero" in the entire franchise.  Reasons?  You want reasons?  Well, you're not getting them.  Seriously, though.  Fuck Yuki.

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  1. Not my favorite of the Godzilla's for sure...specially with Godzuki showing his ugly face through out the whole movie...that baby Godzilla just freaking irritates me. I'm happy they stopped using him.