"Rowdy" Roddy Piper 1954-2015

This has been a shit(ty) year for legendary wrestlers.  Hot Rod got a little senile towards the end, but I still loved him.  Most fans did.  His spat with Stone Cold didn't temper that love, nor did his odd defense of Hulk Hogan.  He was a heatseeker.  Besides, none of the palaver took away from his classic promos or his memorable matches.  Personally, his bout against Bret Hart at Wrestlemania VIII stands out, as does his brawl with Goldust four years later.  I ache...ACHE to see more of his territory stuff.  And I will.

Of course, he also graced the silver screen.  Do I even need to remind you of They Live?  I might need to remind you of Hell Comes to Frogtown, but trust my ass, it's a fun cornball.  Piper led a full career, which is doubly impressive when you consider that it sprouted from squalor.  Baby Jesus!

I was going to review muzak, but it can wait.  I wasn't expecting Roddy to leave us, and I had to write something.  Don't turn that dial.



  1. It's so sad but I still haven't seen They Live. Even own the damn thing and never watched it. RIP though, definitely a loss.

  2. You still haven't seen it??? Shaaaame.