Eiji Tsuburaya

Look at that beautiful insanity.  Those are just some - an infinitesimal fraction - of the monsters on Ultraman, the legendary tokusatsu series from Japan.  I could write a book about tokusatsu alone (I can hear you scurrying to Wikipedia already).  I was moved to say something on the topic because of today's piss-poor, yet well-meaning Google Doodle.  It commemorated the 114th birthday of Eiji Tsuburaya.  I mean, he's dead.  I don't want to send the wrong...nevermind, I'm fucking this up.  Anyway, the guy created Ultraman and helped create motherfucking Godzilla.  More importantly, he innovated the special effects techniques used in a squillion kaiju/tokusatsu features and TV serials.

Basically, he was a badass.  I was shocked that Google would bother recognizing him, but they did, albeit with an impossibly shitty game.  I'll be reviewing a Godzilla flick soon.  You just keep staring at that image and know that it's from a much larger image.  I'm talking monsters up the asshole.

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