The Diva Revolution

Unlike the past several months, I actually made an attempt to watch Raw in its entirety instead of just reading results and relying on word of mouth.  No, I'm not commenting on the Hulk Hogan fiasco.  Pictured above?  The current WWE roster.  I don't know about you, but I don't see any women.  What kind of fucking revolution is this?

Okay, "joke" over.  When NXT-bred badasses Charlotte, champion Sasha Banks and Becky Coccaro finally debuted on Raw, I popped.  I hadn't popped like that in a sustained while.  Was the Diva's division about to undergo a legitimate rhytidectomy (I'll let you look it up)?  Understandably, most fans were cynical, reticent to give WWE too much credit.  In my opinion, tonight was the true beginning of the Diva revolution.  Why?  For starters, there were two matches (that has happened before, yes, but the wrestling was iffy).  Plus, we got a singles match.  That's important.  Thus far, we have only seen feuding between stables, which has progenerated a cluster of tag matches.  Meh.

Perhaps more importantly, the match itself (between Paige and Sasha Banks) was hellacious.  I love how it started on the technical side, and the finish was appropriate.  Sasha going over makes sense, all the sense in the world.  That's how you book your champion.  Of course, in a WWE panorama, the NXT Women's Championship is the Intercontinental Championship of the Diva's division.  Or at least that's how I envision the landscape.

Last.  Paragraph.

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  1. I'm cautiously optimistic. Cautiously because how many times have the E been high on something or someone only to have them slowly downgraded? For the time being though, the division is the best its been in years. It just blows that AJ had to retire.