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I thought about making this a regular column, but I have too many to begin with, some of which I don't even update.  So fuck that noize.  Anyway, these are a few bands/records I'm currently jamming.  Does not include review material for next week.

Code Orange - Originally called Code Orange Kids (because they were in high school at the time of their inception), this hardcore unit sounds singular.  Musically, they just do...whatever.  "Dreams in Inertia" is a virtual grunge tune with muddled clean vocals courtesy of Requisite Badass Chick (trademark) Reba Meyers.  They pull from a dilatant orbit of influences ranging from Converge to Alice in Chains.  You should take my recommendation seriously, as I'm not a big hardcore kind of guy.  Check THIS out.

Turnstile - It's the 90's again!  I'm totally enjoying this trend of 90's nostalgia.  One of the few perks of growing old is seeing your childhood favorites vault back into vogue.  These guys play a beautiful blend of Helmet, Rage Against the Machine and a nosh of Deftones.  Throughout this year's Nonstop Feeling, you pick up traces of groove metal and early 90's hardcore.  Again, I'm not into hardcore, but Turnstile has a fuck-bunch of energy.  They're happy without being annoying.  Check THIS out.

September Murder - How 'bout some death metal?  When I first heard of this German collective, I shied away from actually listening to their product.  That name!  September Murder?  Egads, it reeks of deathcore hooey-jive.  Alas, I was bored one day and gave 2013's He Who Invokes Decadence a fighting chance.  I discovered that these deceptively dubbed lads shred out melodic, technical death metal.  And it's good stuff!  Strangely, there is a famine, a disregard for guitar solos.  Stranger still, this album doesn't need solos.  The opening riff of "Among Vultures" is strong enough to buttress any solo-less song.  He Who Invokes Decadence is brimming with those kinds of riffs.  Check THIS out.

PS-Thanks to J.J. for bringing Code Orange to my attention.

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