Man, those spheres are jackholes!

Watched a little film the other day, a little film called Phantasm II.  If you're talking late 80's horror, it's perfect.  Phantasm opinions are wildly inconsistent, almost as inconsistent as the movies themselves.  Most "phans" cite the original as the most accomplished entry, but I couldn't disagree more.  Part two is quicker, bloodier and snazzier.  I enjoy the original, but good grief, it takes forever to get from one plot point to the next.  It's like the script downed a vat of cold medicine.

What's YOUR favorite Philm?


  1. Definitely prefer the first one, it's a true original and has that whole "nightmare logic" thing down cold. Second one is, as you point out, perfect 80s horror in all its cheesy glory, but just doesn't do it for me on quite the same level.

  2. I'm with you Dom, the second is the best. It has better effects, better gore, the spheres are more prominent, of course, on the downside they changed the actors around, but still, I enjoy it more. Coscarelli was making a big studio picture, he had to make some sacrifices. Still remains my favorite in the whole series...I'm dying to see the fifth one which is taking forever to come out. By the way, greetings and salutations Dom!

  3. Francisco! Dude, I was just thinking about you the other day. I see we still have similar taste. ;)