Blood Capsule #52


I feel like a criticaster whenever I bash a film that was clearly made with benign intentions.  The cast and crew of Teenage Exorcist are having a blast.  Unfortunately for them, they are the cast and crew of Teenage Exorcist.  Scripted by Brinke Stevens (!), this z-grade horror/comedy alloy pits a nerdy student (Stevens herself) against a random demon in the basement of her new house.  She becomes possessed and kills...nobody.  You read that right.  Aside from a topless corpse in the prologue, the body count is lower than my current blood-alcohol concentration.  HINT: I don't drink.

Mercifully, there are boobs here and there.  Arg.  This is why I'm not partial to comedies.  If the gags flounder, there is nothing else to lean on.  And the gags do flounder.  Why, they flounder harder than...oh, forget it.  Michael Berryman is depredated in a bookend cameo (he's plastered on the goddamn poster), and top-billed Eddie Deezen shows up halfway through the second act.  I did not care for Teenage Exorcist, thank you very much.

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