Die So Fluid - ...A HAPPY ENDING

The full title of this album is Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending. If you've never heard of Die So Fluid, I'm not surprised. They're an obscure hard rock band from the United Kingdom. In a perfect world, they would be just as popular as The Donnas were, but this isn't a perfect world, now is it? I bring up The Donnas because DSF is fronted by a chick, a raven-haired chick in a catsuit. This isn't a cheeky nostalgia act, though. I could cite Veruca Salt as a reference point, and it wouldn't be an unfair comparison, but this power trio has a distinct sound. It's a sound that erupts when you merge the gustative textures of Helmet, Deftones and...L7?

Yeah, L7. Minus the butch vocals and the tampon chucking. Redcoats may recognize the emotive stylings of Grog, the leather-clad harpy clutching the microphone and abusing a bass guitar. She was in a few noteworthy bands in the 90's, the most accomplished of which was Feline. They were a curious cross between Angelfish and The Cure. DSF is a much heavier outfit, but having said that, I wouldn't stock this CD in the metal section of a record store. This is just a prime slab of hard rock. How hard? Listen to the driving riffs of "Existential Baby." This is stuff that you can headbang to.

My favorite tracks include the catchy-as-hell "Test Confessional," the diabolical "Happy Halloween," the cheerless "Vorvoloka," the purposeful "Pigsy" and the temperamental title track. The songs that didn't jump out at me when I first took this disc for a spin eventually attached themselves to my brain, especially "Gang of One." Oddly enough, this is the only Die So Fluid album that I care to own. Their latest album, 2010's The World is Too Big For One Lifetime, seems sedated. The bulk of 2004's Spawn of Dysfunction rubs me the wrong way, too (I can't quite put my finger on it). But I'm picky. Ignore everything that I say.

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  1. Sounds good, I think I'll check this out. And by "check it out" I mean download it!

    I loved L7. They threw tampons at people.

    The Donnas had a couple songs I kind of liked but I could never really get into them. That's a band that probably could've benefited from throwing tampons at people.