Quick Update

Before I start writin' about wrasslin', I wanted to post a brief rundown of where I'm at. For one thing, I've got to stop taking days off because it's hard for me to get back into the swing of things. Clearly, I have some catching up to do, so expect an abundance of content this week. I actually have more music reviews planned than anything else. As for Parts Unknown, I'm just going to head straight for Raw. I hate to bypass Smackdown, but I don't see the point of reviewing it a whole week after it was taped.

The 50th edition of my ever-so-popular wrestling column is fast approaching. I have something very special up my sleeves. Be on the lookout. I'll also be tackling The Green Slime in the next couple of days. I promise you this, dear readers...the rest of April will be fun and busy. Prepare yourself!

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