The Junkyard #6


If you thought my addiction to Peanut M&M's was out of control, wait until you read this, the sixth edition of The Junkyard. This is an easy column to write. Movies, music and wrestling take precedence over food and beverages here at Random Reviews, but every once in awhile, it's fun to toy with my other favorite hobby - eating. To tell you the truth, I should probably go on a diet. I have gained a few pounds over the last year, but I don't see myself giving up fast food anytime soon. If you've ever dined at Bojangles', you would understand.

Most of my friends have never heard of Bojangles'. That's because most of my friends live up north, and this delectable chain of restaurants is tethered to the south. For those who aren't familiar with Bojangles', it's a fried chicken joint akin to KFC or Popeye's. In my not-so-humble opinion, it's the finest grease pit in the nation. The chicken is scrumptious, but there are two main reasons why this place rules, and they have nothing to do with dead birds. For starters, their sweet tea is heavenly. Kidney stones be damned, I order a large tea with every meal. And the second reason? Their seasoned fries.

Holy fucking shit. I don't know what goes into the seasoning, but I want it to be injected into my veins. No, I need it to be injected into my veins. It's a Cajun flavor that kisses your lips and hugs your tongue. There have been a couple of instances where they shortchanged me on the seasoning, but even without a smattering of delicious dust, these are great fries. "Natural" and "organic" are adjectives that come to mind. In other words, they taste like real food. Bojangles' does sell the seasoning on their website, but it would be difficult to recreate this kind of magic at home.

Perhaps the best thing about this synergetic side dish is the fact that it compliments every main course on the menu. It completes a chicken dinner. Heh, "chicken dinner." Does anyone say that? I'm getting ahead of myself. I was going to end this piece with Bojangles' slogan, but it's awfully corny. Aw, fuck it. It's Bo time!

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