Parts Unknown #48: Raw

This was an odd show. Where do I begin? Let's try the beginning...


~ I've got to hand it to R-Truth. His pre-match promo was decent (it was a hell of a lot better than John Morrison's feeble mic work), and he executed a credible heel turn. It's funny; just the other day, I was thinking to myself that his character would be much more interesting as a heel. Look up one of his Ron Killings promos. He can pull off a mean streak. Was this segment too long? Yeah, but it had to be emphatic. Kudos to JoMo for playing his part with plausibility. He's still a dickhead, though.

~ The Evan Bourne/Dolph Ziggler match. It was fluid and well-paced. More on Vickie Guerrero's business associate later.

~ I enjoy anything involving Sin Cara, botches and all. Dig those Miz jerseys. I can't say much for the kooky, kid-friendly tandem of Cena and Cara, but the Riley/Mizanin dyad almost resembled a real tag team.

~ Eve Torres continues to impress. Give this girl a feud that she can sink her teeth into.

~ The main event. Once again, the wrong person wins, but that was a great match. It was their best bout to date, in my opinion.


~ Dolph, Dolph, Dolph...why did you cut your hair? It gave you personality. Now you're a generic bad guy. Ugh, remember when wrestlers looked different from one another?

~ Sir Michael Cole? His investiture was as repugnant as the pallid, stinking vesicle on his foot (did that sound British enough?). I hope to God that was a prosthetic. Seriously, I nearly lost my dinner.

~ No A.P.P.L.E.?

Okay, I can't get the image of Cole's foul foot out of my head, so that's a wrap.

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