Parts Unknown #49: Smackdown

Hey, look! It's a Smackdown review!


~ The lengthy match between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. This has been a terrific feud. It doesn't even bother me that Rey picked up the win. I wasn't expecting him to be shut out anyway. Loved the post-match beatdown. Major props to the fans who proudly wore their paper bag masks throughout the entire show.

~ The demise of LayCool. It took fucking long enough!

~ Here are your winners and new tag team champions, Kane and The Big Show! If I can't have a presentable tag team division, then I want the belts to be in capable hands. That's the least they can do.

~ The Drew McIntyre/Chris Masters match. This was no epic, but it was actually my favorite match of the night. 'Twas highly competitive. These two gentlemen know how to milk the minutes that they are given. Also, is it just me or has The Chosen One been receiving atomic babyface pops lately? The WWE Universe has spoken, Vince. Drew's stint as a heel has run its course.

~ I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Alberto Del Rio's "retirement party." The diapers, the scooter, the "Christian" chants...I'm telling you, Christian is going to win at Extreme Rules. I'm 90% positive. Well, maybe 85%.


~ There were way too many recaps. You know what I'm talking about. "This just happened a few moments ago." "Here is what happened last month." "Let's take you back to Monday." Stop it. Now.

~ Put a couple of those paper bags on Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. Guys, you made it to the WWE. Learn how to cut a promo.

~ I realized something as I watched Trent Baretta job to Jack Swagger. I miss The Dudebusters.

That's all I got.

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