Matches That Time Forgot #11

Um, why didn't Bret and Owen Hart hold the tag team titles at least once? I know that they feuded with each other constantly in the mid-90's, but Owen was a viable babyface for awhile. Why didn't he tag with his brother more often after High Energy split? Y'know, instead of being lumped with Yokozuna? This match against The Steiner Brothers gives us a peek into what could have been a mark's wet dream. Dogface Gremlin and Big Poppa Pump left for WCW shortly after this epic head-on collision. You know what that means, don't you? It means that we didn't have to settle for a series between The Quebecers and The Smoking Gunns/Men on a Mission. But we did.

This is thirty minutes of textbook wrestling. Amateur holds, brutal suplexes, a post-match brawl to die for...fuck, this shit is killer. It was one of the best matches of 1994, but for some odd reason, no one ever talks about it. That is where I step in.

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