Matches That Time Forgot #12

Crush and Adam Bomb...two characters that embodied the wacky theatrics of early-to-mid 90's WWF. God, I love early-to-mid 90's WWF. But this match is from WCW circa 2000. Bryan Clark (a.k.a. Adam Bomb) had been wrestling in Eric Bischoff's neglected midcard as Wrath for a couple of years, and at one point, he enjoyed an undefeated streak. For whatever reason, they dropped his gimmick and repackaged him as Bryan Clark. He was paired with Brian Adams (a.k.a. Crush) in a power duo known as KroniK. And you know what? They were awesome!

Clark and Adams held the tag team titles on at least two occasions (that I know of). They were pitched as a modern day Legion of Doom, and if it weren't for WCW's eventual liquidation, they might have traversed the tag team division as the company's answer to the Acolyte Protection Agency. During the "invasion" angle, KroniK feuded with The Brothers of Destruction. Unfortunately, Mr. McMahon wasn't impressed with his former employees (Adams developed a bad habit of no-selling everything), so KroniK was canned with a quickness.

This particular match pits KroniK against 3 Count. Yes, 3 Count, the "boyband" stable. Don't tell anyone, but I actually dug 3 Count. I'm a sucker for cruiserweights.

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