I just got back from a strip club...

Wicked screenshot, no? It's from Opeth's new video for "The Devil's Orchard," the leadoff track on Heritage. I've only listened to this divisive album once, so I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's not as immediate as Damnation. It will be easier to gauge its worth when I know what Mikael Akerfeldt decides to do next. That's what I'm curious about. Was this a one-off experiment? Will Opeth ever release another death metal album? Much of the band's appeal hinged on the dynamics of songs like "Bleak" and "Damnation." In my opinion, the mellow stuff isn't as hypnotic without the heavy stuff providing a counterbalance.

Heritage is definitely a strong album. That's obvious. I need to spend more time with it before I give it my stamp of approval, though. I have no plans to review it, which is why I authored this blurb. I'm also writing this to tell you that I'll be covering Smackdown tomorrow. Yep, Parts Unknown will be revisiting the blue brand. Yippee!

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