Parts Unknown #79: Raw

Hell in a Cell is only two weeks away? I realize that the WWE depends on PPV's to generate revenue, but this is just overkill. There isn't enough time to build matches the right way, so the television programming suffers as a result. Aside from the main event, there was a dearth of in-ring action on last night's episode of Raw.


~ Miz and Truth getting the shaft. It was unpredictable, and it kept the denouement of the Nash/Punk/HHH misadventure from flatlining. This angle needs to draw to a close as soon as possible, though. Bring a McMahon into the fold (maybe Shane?).

~ The 8-man tag match. It took awhile, but Air Boom finally looks like a tag team. I love their gear.

~ Fans are pissed off about Alberto Del Rio's apparent burial of John Morrison, and while I would have liked a more competitive match, I couldn't care less about JoMo's future (or lack thereof). He will never be a top-shelf superstar. Don't get me wrong; I'm just as impressed by his athleticism as anyone would be, but he isn't main event material. His character hasn't evolved one bit since he put Johnny Nitro to bed. He hasn't done a damn thing to improve his mic skills, and from what I gather, he needs a real-life attitude adjustment.

~ Hugh Jackman had fun trading barbs with Dolph Ziggler. He seemed like he wanted to be there, which is more than I can say for 75% of the "guest stars" who have crashed Raw. Moreover, Zack Ryder picked up a win.

~ Jerry Lawler taking a brutal bump for the team. Mark Henry's hot streak continues.

~ Jack Swagger's video package. I never cared for his gimmick (they might as well call him Kurt Angle Jr.), but he's a solid worker who deserves another push.


~ What was the point of dragging Cody Rhodes to the ring? They should have waited until after the match to stage a Real Cara/Fake Cara stand-off.

~ Not enough wrestling.

Don't let the profusions of pros fool you. This was a middling show. I want a three-way ladder match between Air Boom, The Uso's and The Kings of Wrestling at Wrestlemania (with the tag titles on the line, of course).

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