Parts Unknown #77: Raw

That was a go-home show? Could have fooled me.


~ It's always good to see Bret motherfucking Hart, even if he does look homeless (just shave your head, dude). Believe it or not, John Cena didn't aggravate me last night. His mic work has improved in recent months. CM Punk has forced everyone to up their game, and that includes The Game.

~ The tag match between Ziggler/Swagger and Riley/Morrison. It should have been longer, but all four participants made the best of a mediocre situation.

~ I like The Miz beating Kofi Kingston clean. It stresses the significance of having a tag team partner. If Air Boom wins on Sunday (which they should), it will make them look strong as a cohesive unit. Of course, if they lose, it will render their push null and void.

~ Mark Henry playing mind games with Randy Orton. This segment did three things right. 1) Cody Rhodes beat the World Heavyweight Champion. 2) The World's Strongest Man was dominant. 3) The match that was going on in the background was a solid back-and-forth. 4,833) The Nasty Boys were sodomized by The Natural Disasters.

~ The ending.


~ The Otunga/McGillicutty/Sheamus/Lawler clusterfuck. It didn't advance the storyline. Sheamus rocks, but he needs to be involved in a real feud (where was Christian?). The only upside was the passing reference to Mr. Perfect. They could go somewhere with this angle, but again, this match did nothing to progress the plot thread.

~ Kelly Kelly versus Vickie Guerrero? I'd rather watch CZW.

~ Why won't they let Ricardo Rodriguez wrestle? The kid has talent. Actually, it would have made the non-match between Del Rio/Rodriguez and Hart/Cena much more entertaining if Little Ricky surprised his opponents by pulling out a few dazzling Lucha moves. He becomes a fan favorite, ditches Del Rio and starts tagging with Sin Cara. Just a thought.

By the way, I plan on cashing in my Money in the Bank contract at Taboo Tuesday. Be forewarned.

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