Matches That Time Forgot #15

This episode of Matches That Time Forgot was shot on location in Memphis, TN. It's 1995 (just go with it), and I'm visiting Jerry Lawler's little wrestling promotion that could. I had the opportunity to sit down with The King and ask him a few questions.

Dom Coccaro: Hey, Jerry. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to grant this interview.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, whatever. Billy! Hey, Billy! Tell Brian to stall. Maybe he can cut a long promo or something.

DC: Brian? Are you referring to your son, Brian Christopher?

JL: Yeah. Sometimes, I'll have him work the crowd while I'm doing press here in the back. That kid is a natural on the mic. It won't be long before McMahon picks up on him.

DC: Do you think he has a future in the WWF?

JL: Are you kidding? Of course. He takes after his old man. To be honest with you, Brian is more talented than half of the guys that McMahon has signed in the past six months. It's ridiculous. Just the other day, he showed me this tryout match. Some green kid named Paul something. I think they're gonna give him a blue blood gimmick, a standard heel, but I keep saying, "Vince, Brian has every tool that he could possibly need to get over." It's like talking to a brick wall.

DC: What's next on tonight's card?

JL: Oh, a tag match between PG-13 and The Rock and Roll Express. I have to run out soon for the finish.

DC: PG-13, didn't they have a brief run in the WWF?

JL: Yeah, they had a title match against The Smoking Gunns.

DC: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the guys in PG-13 a Dundee?

JL: Yeah, Wolfie D. is Jamie, son of Bill, Dundee. The other guy is J.C. Ice. It's a rapper gimmick. They have dominated the USWA tag division for awhile now.

DC: I understand that USWA and SMW are swapping talents. Do you see The Rock and Roll Express retiring anytime soon?

JL: Absolutely. When Ricky Morton takes his shirt off, it's like staring into The Cryptkeeper's asshole. They can still go, God bless 'em, but there isn't much gas left in the tank.

DC: What about yourself? Have you considered hanging up your boots?

JL: Oh, sure. Fifteen years from now, I'll be a dilapidated geezer.

DC: But doesn't it bother you that you have never held the WWF title? I mean, you've never even competed at Wrestlemania.

JL: That shit doesn't matter to me. I will bow out gracefully. I'm more interested in mentoring the up-and-comers. Like Isaac Yankem, the dentist they have me paired with at the Federation. Now that's a character with staying power.

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