Long Weekend

I celebrate Halloween every day, but that doesn't stop me from living All Hallow's Eve to the fullest. These are my plans for the next two days...

19) Squeeze in a viewing of Spookies. I am officially starting a tradition, one that requires me to sit down and soak up this spooktacular epic on an annual basis.

36) There is a house in my neighborhood that decorates the shit out of itself every Halloween (the house doesn't actually decorate itself, but you get the idea). It has become a local hot spot, an attraction that attracts hordes of jumpy children/teenagers. This year, I'll be part of the show. The game plan is to hand out candy and scare the Christ out of a few unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. I'll be dressed up as Jigsaw. Whenever I wear a mask, kids usually assume that I'm a prop, so it should be fun chasing after them.

4) Post the Album Cover of the Week.

90) Eat candy.

I have cool stuff scheduled for next week. Stay tuned...IF YOU DARE!

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