Parts Unknown #83: Raw

Raw wasn't as contemptible as the spoilers led me to believe, but the main event scene continues to be a hazard area.


~ The six-man tag match between Sheamus/Orton/Morrison and Henry/Christian/Rhodes. I like how the feuds were clearly defined. Leaving Henry in the ring to decimate an outgoing JoMo made sense. Sweet slam.

~ This is a borderline con, but the Eve/Natalya match was passable. Too bad the crowd didn't give a fuck.

~ Miz and Punk work well together. The Johnny Ace-shaped distraction was unnecessary, though. Does Triple H even know where this angle is going?

~ Heel Ziggler! I must say, his mic skills have come a long way. You can tell that he's having fun out there. His selling against Mason Ryan was top-notch. A decent segment, barring the head-scratcher of a finish (a disqualification doesn't fit).

~ The match could have been more engrossing, but I'm glad that Zack Ryder picked up another victory.


~ Obviously, I fucking hated the main event. Keep the goddamn commentators out of the ring. They should comment ("comment" is a key fucking word) on the storylines from a safe distance. It's so simple. No one needs to see Michael Cole flop around for five minutes. How in the shit did we go from Money in the Bank - one of the best PPV's of all time - to an overweight stroke victim dressed up like a cowboy football player administering the ankle lock to an orange-clad middle-aged bitch?


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