Matches That Time Forgot #20

WWE programming is currently being besmirched by a jackhole named John Laurinitis. Younger fans will only know Johnny as an authority figure with the hoarse croak of a chain-smoking mummy, but smart marks know better. That's right. We know Johnny as a mediocre wrestler with the hoarse croak of a chain-smoking mummy. One of his early gigs found him tagging with Shane Douglas in a trailblazing collective dubbed The Dynamic Dudes. They toiled away in WCW's tag team division during an era where tag teams mattered. Here, they battle The New Zealand Militia.

It's easy to poke fun at the Dudes, what with their kitschy ring attire and their useless skateboards (guys, skateboards tend to lose their "cool" when you carry them everywhere). However, I'll be the first prick to acknowledge the fact that this is a seamless, fast-paced match that keeps the crowd content. It's obvious that they were supposed to be WCW's answer to The Rockers, but there is nothing inherently wrong with that. The Militia is managed by former NWA Midget Champion Lord Littlebrook. Full disclosure...I don't know much about these gentlemen. I do know that they became The Royal Family in 1990.

Dig the Cornette run-in!

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