Matches That Time Forgot #18

I believe that this is the first women's match that I have featured as a forgotten gem. Well, "gem" isn't the right word. This is more of a curiosity. It's an AWA match from 1988 pitting Laurie Lynn against Magnificent Mimi. Towards the end of her run in AWA, Mimi became the Kelly Kelly of the company. She was the chirpy babyface who got over on the strength of a lancinating "come hither" look in her eye. Unlike Kelly Kelly, Mimi knew her way around a ring. She had a background in martial arts and amateur wrestling. Watch as she uses her skills to writhe her way out of a nasty armbar.

If this match went a little longer, it probably would have amounted to more than just a succession of cool reversals. The horrific botch of an ending keeps it from being a classic. I don't know whose fault it was, but I'm banking on Lynn, a G.L.O.W. import (export?) who never went anywhere. Did Mimi go anywhere? It depends on your definition of "anywhere." In recent years, she has produced and starred in sixth-tier action flicks. One of her flagship projects is a romantic comedy in which Tom Sizemore serves as the love interest. Hey, at least she hasn't debased the Diva's Championship.

PS-Magnificent Mimi posed for Playboy. Google that shit.

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