Matches That Time Forgot #19

I miss shows like Heat, Metal, Jakked and Velocity. They were inconsequential, but they gave us more wrestling to watch on a weekly basis. The undercard was given a chance to shine. Today, NXT and Superstars perform the same function, but they're not on television. In fact, I'm almost positive that Vince McMahon would deny their existence. It's fun to revisit random matches from these shows because every once in awhile, you stumble across a doozy, a veritable humdinger. Take this bout, for instance. John Cena versus Bryan Danielson...circa 2003?

Who knew that these celebrated figures clashed before they became divisive representatives of two very different styles of wrestling? Cena had just whipped out his rapper gimmick. Danielson was a nobody. The match is short, yet decent. It's amusing to watch Cena try to keep up with a spry burst of chain grappling. What's with the mustard yellow ring gear?

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