Hornswoggle in the Hood

I was going to post a new Vanity Scare, but that can wait until tomorrow. I woke up to unsettling news, and I feel the need to bellyache about it to my ego's content. This news blurb is a double-edged sword. Both edges suck. First, Lion's Gate wants to remake Leprechaun. That alone is enough to send me into a tornado of geek rage. Christ, the original is barely two decades old! Why not bankroll another sequel? If you're the type of person who would never rent Leprechaun 7, then chances are, you'll never rent a Leprechaun remake. What does a studio stand to gain from opting to do a remake instead of a sequel? Normally, a remake is more profitable, but as I illustrated above, this is schlock we're dealing with. This will only piss off hardcore fans, and it won't appeal to casual fans.

Okay, the other edge of the sword...WWE's film division is partnering up with Lion's Gate for this project (their last joint venture was See No Evil). If you keep up with WWE's current product, you know what that means. All signs point to Hornswoggle filling the shoes of the evil Irish imp. Motherfuck! I hate that annoying little shit. What's worse, Warwick Davis will be screwed out of reprising the role he made famous. Goddamn it. Look, Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger, Doug Bradley is Pinhead, Brad Dourif is the voice of Chucky and Warwick Davis is the fucking leprechaun in Leprechaun! You spineless twats.

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