This is both an update and an addendum. First, the update. You'll be seeing more music reviews over the next month. You also might see a contest pop up. I'm always hesitant to hold contests because I never think that anyone will participate. We'll see what happens. This week, I'll be posting two full-length movie reviews back-to-back. Hey, now would be a great time to donate to the site. Just saying. Tee-hee.

Onto the addendum...yesterday, I forgot to mention the Child's Play panel that I attended. Alex Vincent, Chris Sarandon and Brad Dourif shared humorous anecdotes and engaged in an effusive Q&A session. At one point, Dourif was asked if he was reluctant to associate himself with a "killer doll" flick in the 80's, what with his vested repute as an Oscar-nominated actor. His response? "Dude, I'm a whore." Priceless! I mustered up the courage to ask a question myself. I wondered if Brad had read a script for the upcoming remake. He hasn't, and in fact, he doesn't know anything about the project. Apparently, he hasn't heard a peep about the ill-favored revamp in a few years.

Okay, you're up to speed. See you tomorrow!

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