Matches That Time Forgot #32

I thought it would be interesting to examine one of the many encounters between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Obviously, time has not forgotten their match at Wrestlemania III, so let's take a gander at a physical brawl from New Japan. The year? 1983. Hogan? He was in "badass heel" mode (on a sidenote, I've always found his pre-Hulkamania work as a heavy to be acutely underrated). Andre? He was remarkably athletic, although most of his mobility would wane by 1987. I want you to watch this bout. I mean, really watch it. In my estimation, it's far superior to the thunderous main event of WM3.

Calm down. I'm only talking about the actual wrestling. I like Hulk's decision to focus on Andre's arm. I like Andre's vocal selling. I like the way that Hulk kicks out late in the match, and I like the way Andre flops out of the ring. I like the double count-out, as it protects both men. These motherfuckers were tearing down the house, plain and simple. They did a fantastic job of making it seem as if they genuinely despised one another. But of course, they didn't. Andre was a seasoned professional, and Hogan was legitimately afraid of the big lug. I would be, too.

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